Introduction to Business Management: What Is It?

If you are interested in a career in business but aren't sure what area you want to specialize in, consider taking an introduction to business management course. Many people wonder, 'what is business management?' and what types of jobs can they pursue with a degree in this field? All business majors end up taking at least one course in this subject to understand some basic managerial principals, leadership skills, and organizational behavior. Complete programs available at accredited colleges, universities, and diploma-granting institutions around the country train students to serve in managerial or supervisory roles, or obtain the skills needed to run their own business.

What Exactly Is Business Management?

Most business management degree programs are offered at the bachelor's and master's degree levels. Students learn all aspects of business operations as well as communication and leadership skills. Coursework in these types of programs encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and strategic planning. Students are introduced to the latest technologies and processes used by managers and organizations today, and also have a chance to use some of the latest computer software and mobile applications to increase productivity.

Business management also encompasses broader subjects and areas of study, such as business ethics, global business practices, economics, marketing, and pricing strategies. The depth of study and options to specialize in a particular area depend on the degree program and level of study. For example, a certificate program in business management may only touch upon the current state of the economy and basic business operations, while a master's level course would review historic events and economic factors that have shaped business and its effect on society today.

What Are Business Management Programs?

Many colleges and universities offer a range of business management degree programs or a major in business management. If you are thinking about a career in business but are not sure what area you want to specialize in, you could complete a:

  • Certificate in Business Management
  • Associate's Degree in Business Management
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
  • Master's Degree in Business Management

Some schools also offer online degree programs that can make it easier to complete a program while working full-time or taking care of a family.

Introduction to Business Management Courses

Introduction to Business Management courses may be offered at an associate's degree level, as part of a certificate program, or as a pre-requisite for other courses in a bachelor's degree program. This course typically focuses on the function and role of business at the local, national and global level. Students review case studies of different types of businesses in the context of historical and sociological movements and events. They also explore some of the past and future contributions of various business models and companies to society.

A portion of the Introduction to Business Management course involves understanding the core functions of a business, common business practices, and business ethics. Examples of different subjects and areas of study within this course include:

  • Dynamic business environments
  • Business risk-taking for profit
  • Businesses and the economy
  • Choosing a form of business ownership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employee management and leadership
  • Organizational leadership
  • Employee motivation and team building
  • Managing human resources
  • Creating customer-oriented marketing plans
  • Building customer relationships
  • Pricing models and pricing products and services
  • Product distribution and marketing
  • Managing financial resources
  • Basic accounting and financial management
  • Business ethics
  • Global business