Why Major in Business Management?

A business management degree can provide you with many key skills needed to run your own business or manage the operations side of a small business, firm, or corporation. Business management degrees are fairly broad in scope and cover all areas of business including finance, marketing, business law, organizational behavior, and human resources. When you declare business management as a major, you'll have the opportunity to take a series of electives in various areas of business so that you can specialize, or advance in a specific career track later in your educational career.

Here are some of the reasons why you should major in business management:

#1: To make a positive impact in the world.

Business management degrees prepare you to build and manage a successful business, and create one that is grounded in ethical principles. You'll learn how to build a financially viable business that withstands economic pressures and downturns. You'll also learn what it takes to build a socially-conscious or environmentally-friendly business that serves the greater good.

#2: It's a foundation for other educational career tracks.

You'll acquire strong research, critical thinking, and communications skills when you major in business management. When you are trying to decide why you should major in business management, consider what your long-term educational goals are. Do you want to pursue graduate studies in business, law, or social sciences? Do you eventually want to work in the public policy field? All of these fields call for a strong background in business management or similar degree program.

#3: You want to run your own business.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs work on getting a degree before they launch their own business. Majoring in business management will help you acquire many of the key skills and even some hands-on training to manage business operations for your own company. You can even take electives in entrepreneurship so you understand exactly what it takes to launch and run a start-up.

#4: All industries need good managers.

You'll rarely be in a situation where you can't find a job when you major in business management. All industries are in need of good talented, skilled, and experienced managers, and you can explore a variety of job options as you grow in your career. Whether you decide to work in the field of manufacturing, retail, sales, or for nonprofit organization, you'll find a number of attractive job opportunities in the field of management throughout your career.

#5: To receive a well-rounded education.

Business leaders must have a strong educational background, but also advanced skills in communications, technology applications, leadership, and entrepreneurship. If you want a well-rounded education and skills that can be applied across a variety of industries and types of businesses, you will fare well by majoring in business management. You'll acquire essential planning, organization, communications, and leadership skills that can be transferred to many in-demand jobs and career paths. You can also specialize in a particular area such as marketing, real estate, finance, and accounting later in your educational career.